Cooperation Is The Power

Our Philosophy

  • Education is viewed as the most significant asset.
  •  Collaboration with Erasmus program experts focuses on education for refugees.
  • Initiatives include optimizing volunteer efforts and training educators for immigrants.


We firmly hold the conviction that education is the most significant asset available. It is this belief that underpins our commitment to collaboration with esteemed experts from the Erasmus program. Our partnership involves SBML and Mobile Academy educators working alongside their counterparts from across Europe, facilitated by Erasmus. This collaborative environment is designed to foster a rich exchange of knowledge, innovative teaching methodologies, and diverse experiences.

Together, these educators diligently assess and address the specific educational needs of refugees, ensuring that their pedagogical approaches are both effective and tailored to these unique requirements. Their ongoing commitment is to refine and enhance these educational strategies continually.

Among the noteworthy initiatives under this collaboration are several Erasmus projects aimed at supporting refugees. One key project is “Volunteering for Refugees: Best Practices for Ethical Volunteering Program and Management,” which focuses on optimizing volunteer efforts in a principled and structured manner. Another significant project is “Train The Trainer of Immigrants,” designed to equip trainers with the necessary skills to effectively educate immigrant populations. These projects exemplify our proactive approach to making a meaningful impact through education.