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“Lesvos Stand By Me: A Local Initiative Supporting Refugees” was founded by a dedicated group of local educators, academics, and entrepreneurs on Lesvos Island, driven by the desire to actively participate and make a meaningful difference in the ongoing refugee crisis. For those looking to contribute to refugee aid and stand with a Greek non-profit organization deeply integrated within the local community, your support is invaluable to us.

Our Story

The refugee crisis of 2015 descended upon the island of Lesvos with a heartbreaking force, catching us utterly off guard. Waves of despair washed ashore as tens of thousands of souls, bereft of hope, landed on our shores, many tragically losing their lives to the merciless sea. That summer, Mytilene, our island’s heart, overflowed with humanity in distress—people finding makeshift beds on pavements, seeking shelter in parks, and scavenging for sustenance wherever they might find it. The compassionate spirit of our community was awakened; we united in our efforts to offer solace through food, water, and clothing. Organizing ourselves, we joined hands with existing groups, pouring our collective hearts into every act of kindness. Scores of NGOs and kind-hearted individuals from across the globe extended their support, enveloping our island in a global embrace of solidarity.

Driven by a profound realization in early 2017, we established our organization, envisioning it as a sanctuary—a ‘nest’ that would extend further support to the refugees. Our mission was clear: to offer not just immediate relief but to pave a path to a brighter future through education. This belief became the cornerstone of our efforts, inspiring us to launch numerous initiatives aimed at empowering refugees. We’ve enlightened hundreds of young minds and adults alike, fostered creativity through workshops that restore a sense of purpose, and have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of food, clothing, and love from every corner of the world. The generosity of thousands has fueled our mission, bringing volunteers from far and wide to join us in this labor of love.

Our journey continues, propelled forward by the strength and support you provide.

Our Commitment

Since its establishment in 2017, Stand By Me Lesvos (SBML) has been unwavering in its commitment to the core values of empowerment, self-help, and education. As a pillar of hope and support, SBML has become an integral part of the local and refugee communities on Lesvos. Our foundation is built on deep connections within these communities, allowing us to comprehend and address their distinct needs with a blend of empathy and efficiency. We are driven by a belief in the transformative potential of the people we assist, convinced that their own determination is the cornerstone of our projects’ achievements. Our initiatives are designed to unlock this potential, fostering a sense of agency and self-determination among those we serve.

Our operational philosophy is fundamentally collaborative. We support a range of projects, catering to both the native population of Lesvos and its refugee inhabitants, with a focus on co-leadership by community members themselves. We see our role as enablers, providing the crucial linkage to necessary resources, encouraging the formation of self-help groups, and amplifying the voices within communities for their empowerment. Our aim is to cultivate the dreams and meet the needs of those in search of support—those ready to be part of the solution but lacking the essential tools to do so. To this end, we are committed to offering our support in various forms, including the provision of materials, logistical assistance, and coordination services. Our projects are as diverse as the needs of the communities we work with, each crafted to confront specific challenges and seize unique opportunities.

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