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Our Classes

Languages For Children

🌍✨ Our incredible volunteers are teaching multiple languages, bridging cultures and creating brighter futures.

Teach & Play

🎨 Unleash childen creativity and watch them twirl into a world of color and imagination! ✨ Let their spirits soar with painting, dancing, and endless fun activities. 🌈 

Adult Education

Empowerment through education 📚✨. Our classes for adult refugees cover various areas, opening doors to new beginnings. Volunteers are making the difference!

Women Workspace

Organizations distribute clothes in refugee camps but don’t offer fittings or repairs. Mobile Academia has sewing machines for refugees’ use. Women face inequalities and injustices, worsened in underdeveloped societies and camps. Education, including workshops by Anna for women, offers a solution, providing a safe space for discussions, lessons, and creative activities, emphasizing the need to support the highly vulnerable group of women refugees and immigrants.

Art and Education

Beyond traditional academic knowledge, many refugees possess a wealth of talents and skills in various artistic disciplines. These individuals often bring with them a rich cultural heritage and a deep appreciation for artistic expression. Recognizing the importance of nurturing these talents, organizations and community groups often collaborate to offer classes and workshops in music, dance, painting, and other forms of art.

Volunteers play a crucial role in facilitating these opportunities, sharing their expertise and passion with refugee communities. These classes not only provide practical skills but also serve as outlets for creativity, self-expression, and cultural exchange. Through art, refugees can find a sense of empowerment, healing, and connection, helping them to navigate the challenges of displacement and build resilience.

Funding is essential for sustaining these initiatives, as it allows for the procurement of materials, the hiring of instructors, and the organization of events and performances. By investing in arts programs for refugees, funders demonstrate their commitment to supporting holistic approaches to refugee integration and well-being.

Overall, these artistic endeavors not only enrich the lives of refugees but also contribute to the cultural diversity and vibrancy of the communities they join. They foster understanding, empathy, and solidarity, bridging divides and building bonds that transcend language and borders.