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Life on the island of Lesvos presents significant challenges for its local population, who have faced not just one, but multiple crises in recent years. Initially grappling with an economic downturn that strained resources and livelihoods, the islanders were then confronted by a refugee crisis that tested their resilience and infrastructure. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded these issues, adding unprecedented health concerns to an already long list of adversities.


The cumulative effect of dealing with three major crises concurrently has placed immense pressure on the residents of Lesvos. As members of the local community ourselves, we deeply understand the hardships our fellow islanders are experiencing.

In response to these ongoing challenges, Stand by Me Lesvos is actively working alongside the municipality to provide support where it’s needed most. Our collaboration focuses on providing essential aid to those affected within our community, including distributing food packs to local families facing hardship. This initiative is part of our commitment to offering tangible support to our community during these trying times.


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