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Our Story

Founded in 2017 by local Greek citizens of Lesvos Island, Stand By Me Lesvos is a different type of Non Profit. With little funds we have created a safe, positive space, where local Greeks, refugees and international team members are all working side by side, just in walking distance from the overcrowded Moria.
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Get Together

While international NGOs come and go, we live here in Lesvos. Our commitment is for the long term, focusing on three main targets: Education, Empowerment and Integration. We collaborate with Greek locals, Moria camp residents and international team members, because we can only face this situation standing together.
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Moria, Europe

In Lesvos we are used to empty promises and we are used to standing alone. With a so-called hotspot of 24 000 refugees, the citizens of this island are used to a lot of suffering and hardship. Now, after Turkey opened their borders, and the island dealing with an increase in violence, it has gone silent again due to Lesvos newest arrival, namely coronavirus. The prospect of any large organization coming to the rescue to assist Lesvos with this looming catastrophe is made evident through five years of neglect. Being used to being left alone, Stand By Me Lesvos started to help by setting up local self-organization groups, both on the side of the refugees and on the side of Greek citizens, because we have to face this corona crisis with the local resources we have standing together.

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Going On

Lesvos says no to corona - OXI! Every Greek knows what oxi-day means. On the 28th of October 1940 Greeks and Albanians, two of Europe's poorest nations, defeated the italian army, and they did it by sheer belief and conviction. With the same spirit, we are trying to confront the fight head on with the tools that we have. Young refugees - Afghans, Syrians, Congolese, people from all over the world try to do the unthinkable - find ways to deal with this pandemic threat within an area where no WHO-advice against COVID-19 can be followed. The camp is totally overcrowded, it has no proper water supply, it is filled with garbage and thousands of people live in improvised tents. So this is our message to Europe: Lesvos might stand alone, but nothing is lost, - and it is not too late to show solidarity!

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Update: twelve days after the fire
Dear Supporters, our accountant has just finished the preliminary overview about the expenses we had during the twelve days emergency intervention after Moria camp burned down. According to her information ...
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After the Fire: what is going on
Dear Friends and Supporters, we are looking back to ten extremely stressful and busy days, but we are glad we reachieved our goals so far and kept our promises. Until ...
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Update: Moria after the Fire
Dear Friends and Supporters, as you can imagine we are going through very difficult times. Lesvos is in chaos after Moria camp burnt down and almost 12.000 refugees are squatting ...
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In Greek we have a word: Xenos.
It is a word with many meanings: stranger, outsider, friend and guest. The deepest meaning of the word can be understood as guest-friend and is a central part of how Greeks understand hospitality, it is part of how we at Stand By Me Lesvos see refugees, as guests, as friends, as people who maybe in transit, but where there is also a reciprocity, a give and take between the two. Be a part of Stand By Me Lesvos by supporting us.

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30 minutes ago

Stand by me Lesvos

As we always said our main focus is informal education and whenever there is a possibility we want to do what is our real job.

The last weeks were crazy and we did a lot of different activities and still do but we are happy we never lost our focus and already had many meetings and plans how to support education in the new camp.

Some activities also started today.As we promised we started again with some activities for children. Still we don't have a new place but this is an outdorr artclass done by teachers of one of the tent schools.

We will wait that the very vulnerable refugees will leave the island as promised and then start again.
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Vor wenigen Wochen ist das Camp Moria fast vollständig niedergebrannt. Danach herrschte Chaos – bis ein provisorisches Zeltlager errichtet wurde. Wie geht es den Geflüchteten dort? “Kara Tepe” heißt das neue Lager auf Lesbos für die Flüchtlinge. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit wurde es gebaut, um ...
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Refugee and migrant volunteers could be seen cleaning the roads near Moria, on Wednesday, as many are still sleeping rough in the Greek island of Lesvos after a devastating fire wiped out the biggest migrant camp in Europe just a week ago. “We’ll not ...
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Ra’ed Alabed, a 45-year-old Syrian, is now sheltering with friends along with his daughter, son-in-law and four-month-old granddaughter. The fires destroyed their tents.  “We don’t know what will happen to us,” Alabed said. “We are hoping that the European people will show some humanity ...
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