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Dear Friends and Supporters,
we get a lot of requests from people from Europe asking if they can volunteer for Stand by me Lesvos.

Let us explain that we don’t work like other with volunteers in the field. We believe in the concept of self organization of refugees.

Now all the project we support are ran by and through our partner organizations who are self organized independent groups.

We just manage the logistic for them and coordinate the activities.

Therefore we are a small team of Greeks and some other Europeans who work both with refugee self organizations and Greek volunteers to help in various villages and cities on Lesvos island.

There are no open positions until the risk of coronavirus is overcome.

We want to thank everyone who offers his help and ask for understanding that our concept differs a lot from other organizations on the island.
There are many ways you can contribute to our projects, if you like to support our activities from abroad please contact us.

Please send your questions to  or contact our member team Hannah for collaborations:

Stand By Me Lesvos.

Our Projects.

Greece is known to be the cradle of democracy and self-determination.

In antique times Greek philosophy focused on education and empowerment. We still believe in these universal values and want to share them with the refugees who arrive here.

We feel commited to keep these ideas and ideals Greeks once gave to the world alive. If you would like to help please support us.