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After the fire.

Moria camp burned. Now 12 thousand people sleep on the streets. This is what you can do to help:
  • Share our posts to raise awareness
  • Create/support fundraisers to aid in our response
  • Contact your government officials to create lasting change and welcome the people from Moria/Greece
  • Contact businesses to donate masks, shoes, blankets, tents, sleeping mats, clothes and underwear
We are coordinating with other organizations on site. Our partners Moria Media Team (MMT) is reporting non-stop on the events. We are afraid that COVID-19 is spreading. Our partners Moria Corona Awareness Team (MCAT) and Moria White Helmets (MWH) will continue to raise awareness and clear the waste. Our strength is the trust relationships we have with the refugee communities and the local actors. But whatever we do now is just a drop on a hot stone. Let us try to make as many drops as possible.

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Piraeus Bank
Account No. 5709086466501
IBAN GR4201727090005709086466501
Bank address: P. Kountourioti 17,
81100, Mytilene, Lesvos 

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Our Projects: Refugee CIR and new activities

The Refugee CIR is working with doctors and other industry professionals in the refugee’s countries of origins, through our network at Corona Information Service, allows Refugee-CIR to provide crucial information to refugees living in Greece in their first language. We also support our partners in the camp and face the crisis with ever new initiatives.

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A great Network

This project is embedded in a larger network of organizations and media from Greece and Middle East who are working on the same topic. We are happy for any input and cooperation.

Refugee-CIR Facebook Pages

We collect health information and will update these pages on a daily base and we produce videos and podcasts from refugees for refugees. Follow our pages: ArabicFarsiGreek.

Our Partners in Moria

We support and facilitate the work of 3 refugee-led groups in the camp, Moria Corona Awareness Team - Moria White Helmets - Moria Academia, and provide support for the vulnerable communities of Lesvos.

Our Posters

Some of our posters in Moria Camp and on social media, in five languages.


Update: twelve days after the fire

Dear Supporters, our accountant has just finished the preliminary overview about the expenses we had during the twelve days emergency intervention after Moria camp burned down. According to her information we have spent about 16.500 Euro for everything we did including running and admin costs. We started on Wednesday morning the 9th and stopped distribution and related activities outside the ...
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After the Fire: what is going on

Dear Friends and Supporters, we are looking back to ten extremely stressful and busy days, but we are glad we reachieved our goals so far and kept our promises. Until most of our partners and their families moved in an organized way into the new camp we supplied all of them (500 people) with all necessary supply, first tents, sleeping ...
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Update: Moria after the Fire

Dear Friends and Supporters, as you can imagine we are going through very difficult times. Lesvos is in chaos after Moria camp burnt down and almost 12.000 refugees are squatting on streets, parking lots and olive groves. Everyone is working non stop to manage, the island now is under emergency rule and the Government in Athens send officials to co-ordinate ...
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