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“I believe that even the most complex of problems can be solved through education”. This was said by Mixalis who is the director for Stand By Me Lesvos. This was also his primary reason for creating Stand By Me Lesvos, as he recognized how important for example English is to stay connected and to be integrated into different communities and societies. The non-governmental organisation has been active in providing informal education to asylum seekers on Lesvos since 2017.

Since March 2020, Stand By Me Lesvos adopted some additional terms to their practice, and expanded their cornerstones to the importance of self-ownership and self empowerment. This is why Stand By Me Lesvos has been facilitating and supplying support to several self-organizations inside the camp, such as our partners Moria Corona Awareness Team, Moria White Helmets and Moria Academia. The dynamics of supporting our self-organized partners can best be described as “help to self-help”. To us, this was a natural step, because what is education worth if one cannot utilize what one already knows?

Greece fines asylum-seekers with €5,000 for arriving without Covid-test UPD | keeptalkinggreece.com

Greek Police has been imposing fines of 5,000 euros to asylum-seekers entering the country by boat under the pretext of violating the coronavirus protocol and not showing or having a Covid-19 test upon arrival. Sheer  racist vindictiveness or just an mean trick to increase revenues from the needy ones?      read more ...
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Stand by Me Lesvos

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Our Projects

We are called Stand By Me Lesvos, because we see Lesvos as one. We acknowledge that Lesvos has faced several challenges, whereas the year 2020 has been particularly tough for the island. Everything from the violent conflicts we experienced at the early start of the year, to Moria Camp burning down, to a loss of tourism and economic decline forcing more and more Greek citizens under the poverty line. For this, we stand together as Greek citizens, a handful of long-term international team-members and self-organised groups of asylum-seekers supporting one another to get through these difficult times.

This was made particularly evident in March when covid-19 posed a threat to the island, and whoever resided here, be it a Greek citizen, asylum seeker or an international person. We all found ourselves in the same position, that should we fall sick, then we are all dependent upon the same hospital that is not equipped to deal with such a crisis. Covid-19 does not discriminate between background and nationality, and neither do we. We believe it is up to every single person to act cautiously in order to keep everyone safe, and in this, we stand together for everyone at Lesvos.

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A great Network

This project is embedded in a larger network of organizations and media from Greece and Middle East who are working on the same topic. We are happy for any input and cooperation.

Refugee-CIR Facebook Pages

We collect health information and will update these pages on a daily base and we produce videos and podcasts from refugees for refugees. Follow our pages: ArabicFarsiGreek.

Our Partners in the camp

We support and facilitate the work of 3 refugee-led groups in the camp, Moria Corona Awareness Team - Moria White Helmets - Moria Academia, and provide support for the vulnerable communities of Lesvos.

Our Posters

Some of our posters in Moria Camp and on social media, in five languages.

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