Lesvos camp


Kids at Lesvos camp need your help.

You can make a positive impact on their lives!


opportunity for pre-school age kids

Period: June to December

Daily program: 3 sections from 14:00 to 18:00

Target: 40 refugee children from ages 4-7

 Place: Specially designed buses into the Kara Tepe refugee camp, Lesvos (Greece)

We have to provide  them teachers, toys and other equipment needed in a good and safe enviroment. The war has left many families with little to no access to education, and as a result children have been left with few options. In response to this problem, Kindergarten at Mavrovouni Camp will give children an opportunity to learn fundamental skills such as reading and writing, but also transversal abilities with ludic and interactive activities such as painting, hancrafting or even music and chess lessons.


  • Kindergarten teacher $600/month

  • Translator (Refugee) $100/month

  • Materials $250/month

  • Generator fuel $300/month

  • Transportations $300/month

  • Cleaning / repairs $300/month

  • Administration $200/month

$ 2050/month

Total $14,350 for the period of 7 months


StandByMe Lesvos

We are always next to the kids and their families supporting them with education, play and recreation.

Our purpose is to ensure a secure environment where they are granted children’s most important rights: non-discrimination, freedom of thought, protection from harm, identity and access to information.

Their smile and the hope in their eyes are the best rewards for us 🙂

If you want to be part of the change, please click the link bellow and support us!