2021 was a hard but also a creative year.

 This year has been hard, yet fruitful. Many things changed, since many refugees left, but those who stayed became more aware and pragmatic about their situation, and more willing to build a future, despite the imperfect circumstances. Our impact in their lives was meaningful and positive. Our activities are run in a different way from other NGO’s, giving the opportunity for refugees to manage their community as they want, while supporting them massively with their needs with resources and information.

We focused on three main lines : Education, Empowerment and Environment.

We have been facilitating and supplying support to several self-organized groups inside the camp, such as our partners Moria Corona Awareness Team (MCAT), Moria White Helmets (MWH) and Moria Academia.


All these achievements came to be thanks to your continuous effort and support.

You can make a positive impact to their lives!

Our only income is from donations. A small amount from many people can make a huge impact in the lives of the refugees. Donating you prove that they are not alone!

Some Of Our Projects

The Recycling Project

Aims to recycle the bottles that camp residents receive from the food line and in exchange the project participants receive fresh cold water in the summer and different food items such as : eggs, onions, juices etc in the winter. This project raises awareness on waste management, as well as brings environmental education. Additionally, camp residents who aren’t directly participating are seeing positive effects, with reduced amounts of rubbish being and overall improvement in public health.

The Electricity Project

It is a cooperation with the Camp Management´s Technical Team and Moria White Helmet, which is supported by SBML. They represent the bridge between Greek authorities and self-organized groups consisting in minor but crucial works as helping to provide electricity to tents and to fix damages in different zones of the camp.

The Corona Awareness Project

Run by MCAT which is a camp resident, self-organised, self-help group. It was created as an emergency response in the times of Covid-19 to address the dire needs of camp residents and protect all who live on the island from Covid-19. This is a young organisation with a proven record of being highly efficient and effective in implementing projects in Moria and the new camp. This group has complete access to all populations in camp.

Education, Our Core Project

Moria Academia and now Mobile Academy is an informal education center run by camp residents, for camp residents. The aim of informal education is preparing a transition from informal to formal education in schools, in order for camp residents to be integrated in the country they will be living in. The Mobile Class Rooms which are located inside the camp help the self-organised groups. They are able to both run their projects, using the bus facilities as a learning space, and by accessing materials stored on the bus, as well as the project participants on site. Programs like first aid training, fire safety training, manual work, computer lessons, music lessons, linguistic lessons, as well as a dedicated sewing space, all create the ability for camp residents to improve their daily lives, increasing the health and safety of camp residents.

The Collection Of Rubbish

Was carried out by Moria White Helmets (MWH) and works to ensure the cleanliness of the camp (and its surroundings). In collaboration with the Municipality of Mytilini, they work outside the camp to clean areas such as old Moria, near Mytilini city. This permits both communities to work together and is inevitably a tool for mediation. In this sense, SBML serves as a bridge, as such.

The Distribution Project

It is a targeted distribution system, done with Hope project and MCAT. Every refugee in the camp gets exactly the clothes and items that they need and request. We go from tent to tent and collect the demands which we then send to Hope, who in turn pack bags every day for about 70 refugees. Then Stand by me Lesvos picks them and brings them to the recycling points of MCAT.


Volunteers from across Europe came to aid our projects and goals. Thanks to these individuals, thousands of hours were spent inside the camp with the refugees. Others help us remotely, building the site doing office work and creating online classes.


Furthermore, organized fundraisers and donations had a large impact. Individuals and organizations donate each month, both staff and money, to help cover our needs (which do require much collective effort).

The New Year

These days we are all making our annual review but are also spending more time with friends and family celebrating. These days we have to think of those people who have lost all their holiday environments and are living in tents in a foreigner land.