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Distance Learning

eLearning and Consulting.

Our Distance Learning Program is FREE and available for all refugees. If you are new to online learning, Stand by Me Lesvos will help you.


As soon as you register, a tutor/ teacher will contact you for your learning modules and assist you with:

Language lessons for small groups – lawyer, medical, psychological personal consulting from European specialists – technical and math skills for small groups.

Registrations for Greek classes are temporarily interrupted for the summer period.

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Lesvos, Europe

Our Commitment

We have always believed that education is the solution to even the most complicated problems. This is why Stand By Me Lesvos started up as a school and has since then had a central focus on informal education. Before covid, our school Academia welcomed over 1000 students, where our aim was to prepare students to return to formal education once possible.

When COVID-19 hit the island, we had to rethink our approach.

This is when we started our Moria Academia project. This project relies on two approaches:

We work with a network of self-organized schools within the camp. We provide teacher-training, stationary and teaching material. 

We started Distance learning, or rather e-learning consisting of teachers from around Europe that provides online classes offering Greek, German and English language.

Some of our remote teachers and volunteers

The Teachers



Linguist, from Greece


In my opinion, teaching a language is not only about teaching someone how to communicate using a different code but it is also about introducing a whole new world to your student, that they can explore.

Learning a new language can help you communicate with other people, read books, listen to music and watch movies.

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that I feel that I am contributing to something important, because my students may do great things some day in their life, and it’s nice to know that you had something to do with that.



Student, from U. K.


I’ve been helping to create English language materials for Stand By Me Lesvos’ e-learning platform, drawing on my own experiences of studying languages at university.

Learning to speak other languages has changed my life and opened up so many opportunities for me, and I’m very glad to have the chance to pass this experience on to other people!



PhD researcher, from Greece


I am currently a PhD researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki within the framework of the MultiMind project, working on the acquisition of Greek as a second language in refugee children as well as which teaching techniques are appropriate for them.

I feel happy and lucky to be involved in SBML e-learning, which provides access to language learning to everyone. Education should have no boundaries



PhD researcher, from Greece


What makes me enthusiastic about teaching Greek to refugees is the opportunity to contribute to the development of people’s linguistic skills in a pleasant but, at the same time, scientifically informed way.



Student, from Greece


Education is all about bridging differences, getting to know new cultures and developing one’s self!

I feel so blessed to be part of this online educational community, which aims to create a better future for people and help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Teaching Greek is my way of contributing, through creating a scientific, as well as a friendly and intercultural environment!



Student, from Greece


Currently studying for an MA degree in linguistics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My hobbies include chess, music, and board games.

I hope I can transmit my passion for all these while also teaching aspects of Standard Modern Greek grammar in a comprehensible and scientific manner which is also exciting.



Student, from U.K.


I am from London and I am half Afghan. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Arabic and Farsi, and I have two years of experience working in the education industry.

I chose to volunteer for Stand By Me Lesvos because I am passionate about making education accessible to all. I hope to make a positive difference to the lives of all students that I teach.



Student, from Greece


I’m a MA Student in Linguistics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I m delighted for having the opportunity to teach the Greek language.

In my point of view, teaching to refugees and contributing to their knowledge makes me excited, since it helps them during their everyday communication and generally in their new beginning.

Last but not least, teaching Greek language is also a way of a multifaceted study of it.

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We acknowledge that Lesvos has faced several challenges, whereas the year 2020 has been particularly tough for the island. Everything from the violent conflicts we experienced at the early start of the year, to Moria Camp burning down, to a loss of tourism and economic decline forcing more and more Greek citizens under the poverty line.

For this, we stand together as Greek citizens, a handful of long-term international team-members and self-organised groups of asylum-seekers supporting one another to get through these difficult times.


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