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Our updates from Lesvos

Latest activities and news.

Greek Corona Information Resource Page

Starting to produce videos about Corona awareness in cooperation with the School of Second Chance in Mytilini. Follow our facebook page: Ενημέρωση-για-τον-κορωνοϊό-στη-Λέσβ But first the most important message: We are ...
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First case of Corona Virus detected on Lesvos

As Corona Virus spreads around the globe, little attention has been paid the to unique risk that refugees face from the virus. The virus spreads quickly in close quarters, and ...
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Farsi Corona Information Resource Page

We are very glad to announce that our Farsi Corona Information Resource page went online today. We want to thank the Iranian friends who helped us to make this possible ...
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Call for Solidarity from Lesvos

We were, we are and will be here.  We stand by our message: Standing together for Lesvos! Stand By Me Lesvos continues working despite the current climate in Greece and ...
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Our Message: Standing together in Lesvos

Today we, refugees from various countries, Greek citizens and international volunteers working for Stand by me Lesvos gathered in front of the closed gate of our Acadamia school near Moria ...
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The Day after the Closure of Stand by me Lesvos’ Academia

Last Monday just after one hundred women and children newly registered for classes in Stand by Lesvos’ Academia local authorities came and closed the place, because according to them sanitary ...
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Our Academia reopened this morning following last weeks strike

Our Academia reopened this morning following last weeks strike, we used to bring out our message and reorganize. (https://standbymelesvos.gr/…/statement-to-the-media-and-pub…) Thank you for everyone supporting us! We also hope we gave ...
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Statement to the Media and Public: We are on Strike!

The Situation for refugees and citizens of Lesvos is becoming unbearable. Local Greek Organisation Stand by me Lesvos (SBML) declares its solidarity with on-going protests. SBML is a school providing ...
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Stand by Me Lesvos would like to occasionally send you information about their projects, services and events.

Press Review

Lasst die Kinder in die Schule! | deutschlandfunkkultur.de
Let the children go to school. Zahlreiche Bewohner im Flüchtlingslager Kara Tepe sind im schulpflichtigen Alter. Das Recht auf Schulunterricht wird ihnen jedoch verwehrt. Das ...
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Η πρόκληση της ένταξης προσφύγων και μεταναστών στο εκπαιδευτικό σύστημα | efsyn.g
The challenge of integrating refugees and immigrants into the education system. Το ΚΜΟΠ – Κέντρο Κοινωνικής Δράσης και Καινοτομίας πραγματοποιεί αυτήν τη Δευτέρα 28 Ιουνίου ...
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Open letter: This is not Disneyland | medico.de
Refugees from Moria are again addressing the European public in view of the increasing corona numbers in the camp. While Greece is preparing for the ...
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Der Moria-Komplex | medico.de
Verantwortungslosigkeit, Unzuständigkeit und Entrechtung fünf Jahre nach dem EU-Türkei-Abkommen und der Einführung des Hotspot-Systems. Eine Studie von Maximilian Pichl im Auftrag von medico international. Das ...
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Build hope, not walls | ekathimerini.com
Given the circumstances, a woman in refuge is constantly looking for ways to meet her basic needs while learning to adapt. Managing and coping with ...
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El infierno de los refugiados en Lesbos | elpais.com
Las previsiones que auguraban temperaturas gélidas, en ocasiones por debajo de cero grados, se han cumplido y Kara Tepe, el campo de internamiento en la isla ...
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Χειμώνας στο Καρά Τεπέ Πηγή | lifo.gr
Κανείς δεν εγκαταλείπει το σπίτι και τη χώρα του, παρά μόνο αν τα βλέπει να μεταμορφώνονται στο στόμα ενός καρχαρία». Με αυτόν τον στίχο της ...
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What is life actually like in the Greek hotspots? | AYS
At least some of the most vulnerable people on Samos were able to spend recent nights in the warmth. The continuing effort of various NGOs ...
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