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Our updates from Lesvos

Latest activities and news.

We are the People of Moria

Today is the World Refugee Day, a day to create awareness. And we will do exactly that: for the past week we have been around Moria camp asking for statements ...
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Our latest activities and co-operations

Beach Cleaning Every year before summer season the volunteers department of the Municipality calls for Volunteers to help cleaning the beaches. We support this call and some refugees we work ...
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A second letter to Europe from Moria camp in corona times

Our partners from the camp, the Moria Corona Awareness Team and the Moria White Helmets wrote a second letter to Europe, after their first one was published in many major ...
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The threat of Coronavirus is not at all over

Busy days in our office. Sewing machines and clothes arrived from Germany to be distributed to mask factories both in the camp and to our Greek partners. Then the new ...
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A new Academia soon!

As you know originally Stand by Me Lesvos was always focusing on education. And we believe education is the the most important thing we can offer. But unfortunately our old ...
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New plastic bottle recycling project and co-operation activities

Water Bottle Recycling Another new project implemented with our partners Moria Corona Awareness Team and Moria White Helmets: recycling plastic bottles. Now if you bring six empty bottles you get ...
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Urgent Call from Moria Camp for Help in Corona Times

This is the call from our partners in Moria, MCAT and White Helmets, in English: Yesterday we, Moria Corona Awareness Team and Moria White Helmets wrote an appeal to the ...
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So many things to take care of.

Overcrowded Moria has experienced a rise in violence with the lockdown. This led to a peaceful demonstration. Also another fire in the camp destroyed three tents. Meanwhile all our activities ...
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Leros Corona Awareness Team (LCAT) created!

We are very happy that we were able to do another step and help refugees in Leros, who contacted us last week. More than 2000 are almost forgotten there on ...
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After the fire: we still continue to work on the Corona Emergency Program

Times are getting tough here despite all efforts to deal with the Corona crisis. Yes, on the one hand we are trying hard to help managing water, trash and awareness ...
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Stand by Me Lesvos would like to occasionally send you information about their projects, services and events.

Press Review

Anerkennung und Aufnahme, jetzt! | medico.de
Nach dem Fall Kabuls: Die Menschen auf den griechischen Insel – Geflüchtete wie Bewohner:innen – dürfen nicht länger den Preis für eine völlig verfehlte und ...
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Griechenland – Afghanistan Die Welt muss hinschauen | medico.de
Wie reagieren die afghanischen Geflüchteten im Lager Mavrouvani auf Lesbos auf die Machtübernahme der Taliban? Ein Gespräch voller Sorgen. Knapp 3200 Menschen leben zurzeit im ...
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One year after the Moria Camp on the Greek Island of Lesvos burned down refugees are still living in bad conditions | wadi-online.org
It has now been 1 year since Moria Camp, often referred to as Europe’s largest refugee camp had burnt down, – and I was there ...
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Leben im Dauerprovisorium – Ein Jahr nach dem Brand | medico.de
Life in a permanent temporary arrangement.  A year ago today Moria camp was on fire on Lesvos. What has changed the fire, what is the ...
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Ett år etter Moria-brannen: Liten grunn til feiring | utrop.no
Situasjonen i Moria-leiren er ikke radikalt bedre enn den har vært før, og nye flyktninger skal nå møte de samme lidelsene som andre har møtt, ...
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Lasst die Kinder in die Schule! | deutschlandfunkkultur.de
Let the children go to school. Zahlreiche Bewohner im Flüchtlingslager Kara Tepe sind im schulpflichtigen Alter. Das Recht auf Schulunterricht wird ihnen jedoch verwehrt. Das ...
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Η πρόκληση της ένταξης προσφύγων και μεταναστών στο εκπαιδευτικό σύστημα | efsyn.g
The challenge of integrating refugees and immigrants into the education system. Το ΚΜΟΠ – Κέντρο Κοινωνικής Δράσης και Καινοτομίας πραγματοποιεί αυτήν τη Δευτέρα 28 Ιουνίου ...
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Open letter: This is not Disneyland | medico.de
Refugees from Moria are again addressing the European public in view of the increasing corona numbers in the camp. While Greece is preparing for the ...
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