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Updates from Lesvos and Moria Camp

Our latest activities and news from Lesvos.

Our Message: Standing together in Lesvos

Today we, refugees from various countries, Greek citizens and international volunteers working for Stand by me Lesvos gathered in front of the closed gate of our Acadamia school near Moria ...
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The Day after the Closure of Stand by me Lesvos’ Academia

Last Monday just after one hundred women and children newly registered for classes in Stand by Lesvos’ Academia local authorities came and closed the place, because according to them sanitary ...
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Our Academia reopened this morning following last weeks strike

Our Academia reopened this morning following last weeks strike, we used to bring out our message and reorganize. (https://standbymelesvos.gr/…/statement-to-the-media-and-pub…) Thank you for everyone supporting us! We also hope we gave ...
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Statement to the Media and Public: We are on Strike!

The Situation for refugees and citizens of Lesvos is becoming unbearable. Local Greek Organisation Stand by me Lesvos (SBML) declares its solidarity with on-going protests. SBML is a school providing ...
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Stand by Me Lesvos would like to occasionally send you information about their projects, services and events.

Press Review

Camp de Moria : le point de vue des bénévoles | arte.tv
Après 5 mois passés sur place, notre correspondant Mortaza Behboudi quitte le camp de réfugiés de Moria sur l’île de Lesbos. Dans ce dernier reportage, ...
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Self-organization in Moria | mare-liberum.org
Since 2016, many refugees are forced to stay in Moria in order to wait for their asylum decisions for months, sometimes for years. With time, ...
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Minority Communities Mobilize | areweeurope.com
A group of refugees from diverse countries have set up the Moria Coronavirus Awareness Team (MCAT), which aims to educate their respective communities about the ...
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Moria Camp in Lesvos is absolute chaos | wadi-online.org
Since the beginning of March, Thomas has been on the Greek island of Lesvos, in the refugee camp Moria. There, he has been supporting a ...
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Flüchtlingscamp Moria: Die hygienischen Bedingungen sind katastrophal | diakonie.at
Die Lebenssituation der Menschen im Flüchtlingscamp Moria auf der griechischen Insel Lesbos ist katastrophal. Omid kam nach seiner Flucht aus Afghanistan in das Camp in ...
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Menschenrechte bleiben auf der strecke | amnesty.de
Wenn es um die Flüchtlingspolitik in der EU geht, kreist alles um den Begriff des gemeinsamen europäischen Asylsystems. Gibt oder gab es dieses gemeinsame System ...
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People in refugee camps won’t survive the pandemic unless we act now | metro.co.uk
Bairbre Flood – As I left Greece in March, Moria refugee camp on Lesvos was trying to prepare itself for coronavirus. With sporadic running water, ...
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Aid workers face new tests and challenges from the coronavirus | equaltimes.org
On the small Greek island of Lesvos (also known as Lesbos), 21,000 people are crowded into the Moria camp, which was originally designed for 3,000 ...
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