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Press Review
Open letter: This is not Disneyland | medico.de
Refugees from Moria are again addressing the European public in view of the increasing corona numbers in the camp. While Greece is preparing for the holiday season and shops and restaurants are gradually reopening, the situation of refugees in the camps is worsening. In the follow-up camp to Moria on Lesvos, the number of people infected ...
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Der Moria-Komplex | medico.de
Verantwortungslosigkeit, Unzuständigkeit und Entrechtung fünf Jahre nach dem EU-Türkei-Abkommen und der Einführung des Hotspot-Systems. Eine Studie von Maximilian Pichl im Auftrag von medico international. Das Elend von Moria ist keine „humanitäre Katastrophe“, sondern Ergebnis einer europäischen Politik, die auf der Auslagerung der Verantwortung für Flüchtlinge und Migrant:innen basiert. Anlässlich des fünfjährigen Bestehens des EU-Türkei-Abkommens vom ...
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Build hope, not walls | ekathimerini.com
Given the circumstances, a woman in refuge is constantly looking for ways to meet her basic needs while learning to adapt. Managing and coping with the constant introduction of stressors drains her inner resources, leaving her in a perpetual state of fighting for survival. When the conditions for survival are met, she experiences a surge ...
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El infierno de los refugiados en Lesbos | elpais.com
Las previsiones que auguraban temperaturas gélidas, en ocasiones por debajo de cero grados, se han cumplido y Kara Tepe, el campo de internamiento en la isla griega de Lesbos al que fueron trasladadas más de 7.000 personas tras el incendio de Moria, tirita de frío. Es el último y más urgente problema de una larga lista que se ...
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Χειμώνας στο Καρά Τεπέ Πηγή | lifo.gr
Κανείς δεν εγκαταλείπει το σπίτι και τη χώρα του, παρά μόνο αν τα βλέπει να μεταμορφώνονται στο στόμα ενός καρχαρία». Με αυτόν τον στίχο της σομαλικής καταγωγής Βρετανίδας ποιήτριας Warsan Shire κατά νου έφτασα στη Μυτιλήνη ένα παγωμένο πρωινό που ένας ασθενικός ήλιος προσπαθούσε να στεγνώσει τη γη από τις έντονες βροχοπτώσεις που είχαν προκαλέσει ...
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What is life actually like in the Greek hotspots? | AYS
At least some of the most vulnerable people on Samos were able to spend recent nights in the warmth. The continuing effort of various NGOs managed to do what should be the governments business as usual in winter: Making sure people have a roof over their heads and stay warm. With combined efforts, the NGOs ...
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Open letter: Christmas greeting from Moria II | medico.de
Self-organized refugee groups from the new Moria camp address Europe in a Christmas letter. The letter of the medico partner organizations in the wording. “Dear Europeans, dear Mrs von der Leyen We wish you a Merry Christmas from the new refugee camp in Lesvos. We hope you can celebrate despite the hardships we all face ...
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Refugees in Europe’s ‘largest refugee camp’ self-organise coronavirus awareness campaign as cases rise | tremr.com
The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Moria refugee camp in  September , as a 40 year old man from Somalia tested positive for the virus upon return to the camp from Athens. The largest refugee camp in Europe, it is located outside the village of Moria on the Greek island of Lesvos. By September the ...
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SBML Updates

Recycling Project goes on!

In this video our colleagues from Moria Corona Awareness Team explain the recycling project we implement together ...
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Registration English e-classes

Registrations for English e-classes are now open. Follow the link below to register: 1-2 hours per week ...
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Refugees current situation in Kara Tepe II Camp

Unfortunately the Corona Virus is spreading again inside the camp. This is the reason why Stand by ...
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