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Press Review
Lesbos: Leben im Übergangs-Camp | zdf.de
Vor wenigen Wochen ist das Camp Moria fast vollständig niedergebrannt. Danach herrschte Chaos – bis ein provisorisches Zeltlager errichtet wurde. Wie geht es den Geflüchteten dort? “Kara Tepe” heißt das neue Lager auf Lesbos für die Flüchtlinge. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit wurde es gebaut, um die rund 12.000 Flüchtlinge, die nach dem Brand in Moria obdachlos ...
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Greece: Migrant volunteers clean roadsides near Moria as many remain homeless following fires | ruptly.tv
Refugee and migrant volunteers could be seen cleaning the roads near Moria, on Wednesday, as many are still sleeping rough in the Greek island of Lesvos after a devastating fire wiped out the biggest migrant camp in Europe just a week ago. “We’ll not give up, this is the main important thing, to clean the ...
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Fires Gut Europe’s Largest Migrant Camp On The Greek Island Of Lesbos | npr.org
Ra’ed Alabed, a 45-year-old Syrian, is now sheltering with friends along with his daughter, son-in-law and four-month-old granddaughter. The fires destroyed their tents.  “We don’t know what will happen to us,” Alabed said. “We are hoping that the European people will show some humanity and help us. We are not animals.” Alabed runs the Moria ...
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Camp de Moria : le point de vue des bénévoles | arte.tv
Après 5 mois passés sur place, notre correspondant Mortaza Behboudi quitte le camp de réfugiés de Moria sur l’île de Lesbos. Dans ce dernier reportage, il donne la parole aux bénévoles, qui sont restés malgré l’épidémie ou qui viennent d’arriver dans le camp. Ils nous expliquent quelles sont leurs missions et partagent leur point de ...
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Self-organization in Moria | mare-liberum.org
Since 2016, many refugees are forced to stay in Moria in order to wait for their asylum decisions for months, sometimes for years. With time, people opened shops on the main roads of the camps: You can find people selling vegetables and fruits, milk, rice, bread, snacks, meat, as well as bikes, electronic devices or ...
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Minority Communities Mobilize | areweeurope.com
A group of refugees from diverse countries have set up the Moria Coronavirus Awareness Team (MCAT), which aims to educate their respective communities about the virus and empower them to take control. “MCAT is an empowerment project. It has given refugees a platform to express themselves and exert a certain amount of control over their ...
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Moria Camp in Lesvos is absolute chaos | wadi-online.org
Since the beginning of March, Thomas has been on the Greek island of Lesvos, in the refugee camp Moria. There, he has been supporting a local initiative called Stand By Me Lesvos. Daniel: Hello Thomas! It is really nice that you have found time to speak with me. I have heard that Greece came through ...
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Flüchtlingscamp Moria: Die hygienischen Bedingungen sind katastrophal | diakonie.at
Die Lebenssituation der Menschen im Flüchtlingscamp Moria auf der griechischen Insel Lesbos ist katastrophal. Omid kam nach seiner Flucht aus Afghanistan in das Camp in Moria. Bis Mai 2020 lebte er dort und leitet jetzt das Moria Corona Awareness Team (MCAT), eine Selbsthilfegruppe von Camp-Bewohnern, die Aufklärungsarbeit zu Covid-19 leistet. Im Interview mit der Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe beschreibt ...
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