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About Us

We are local teachers, professors, and small business owners working with refugees. Together, we want to create an opportunity where refugees can improve their education,  learn and grow their skill sets. As  members of the community we know the difficult economic situation faced by the people of Lesvos, and the difficulties of the refugees arriving here.  The terrible conditions at Moria camp have been reported on extensively by international media, so we aren't here to tell you how bad things are.

Stand By Me Lesvos is a different type of Non Profit, we are taking a bad situation and with very little funds, working to make a safe, positive space, where we can train and teach refugees, and advise them on how to reintegrate from the margins of camp life, back into mainstream society. While international NGOs come and go, here in Lesvos: we live here, we share our home with the refugees and our commitment and our projects are for the long term.

Our Team

Stand by Me Lesvos is trying to fully integrate refugees as volunteers into our projects. Some were teachers before or learned other skills.
Without the participation of refugees our work would not be able. So we are a group of Greeks, Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis and Syrians.

Masumeh Sarah
I learned English from Africans in Turkish refugee camps. The women here in the project mainly want to learn English. I teach a class every day. I do not know what will happen next.
I have been here for a month now in Camp Moria on Lesvos. I teach English to refugee women, all from Afghanistan. This is extremely hard, in a class we have 60 women and often they have children with them. We can not leave the children at Camp Moria because it is not safe there.
I am co-founder of SBML. We want to teach Greek and other courses to the children and offer workshops to women. Maybe even one day they can start producing things here to make an additional income. Most refugees had a job before, they are specialized and they can become trainers for others.
I have a lot of free time and the situation in Moria is terrible. Since I like to come here at the project and help as a volunteer. I help distribute food and when something needs to be fixed. Such things. I like being here, there are so many problems in the camp.
I’m from Mashhad in Iran, where I worked as a shoemaker. In Mashhad, I had problems with the government and society because I am an atheist. I do not know what’s going to happen to me. I would like to open a shoe workshop here these days.
I am am Somalian, but I grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya, from where I flew. Now I am in Greece since more than one year and I my heart beats for humanity. I am teaching English and help as a volunteer.

Our Partners

We are co-operating with various international partners and we hope to expand this partnership.
We urgently are looking for organizations who can supply food, clothes and learning material.

We have been partners with Human-Plus since 2015.

We are working with the German-Iraqi Asscociation Wadi since two years.

We are very grateful for the legal assistance Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid is giving the refugees at our Academia.

Thanks to Montacda Solidària for their great and continous support.

We work together to refugee kids education.

Thanks for providing us 25 portions at our volunteers.

Goodwill Caravan is non-profit humanitarian charity that covers refugee protection projects in Greece and the UK.