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About Us

Our Story

Stand By Me Lesvos was created by local teachers, professors, and small business owners who wanted to get involved and assist with the refugee crisis that was unfolding at our very own Lesvos island. As members of the community we know the difficult economic situation faced by the people of Lesvos. We also know the difficult situations experienced by asylum seekers arriving here. The terrible conditions in the camps have been reported on extensively by international media. To which, we assist with creating opportunities for asylum seekers to support themselves but also to learn and grow their own skill sets. While international NGOs come and go, then we live here, and we share our home with the refugees and the asylum seekers.

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General mechanism of SBML support of self run activities

Our Commitment

As a local organization on the ground, Stand By Me Lesvos works under the principles of empowerment, self-help and education. Founded in 2017, SBML has spent the last years fully integrating into the refugee community in the camp and learning how to best support the needs of people from every community of Lesvos. We strongly believe that it is the drive of the individuals we serve that allows the projects we support to be successful. Whether it be a project run for the local residents of Lesvos or a project for Refugee Camp residents, all projects are partnered with and run by community members. We see our role as a link to access to resources, to enable self-help groups and to empower communities. It is our ongoing goal to support the desires and needs of individuals who need assistance, want to work towards the solution and simply need the materials to do so. In this role, we are happy to provide material, logistical and coordination support. As the needs of the communities of Lesvos vary greatly, so then do the projects.

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We are all in this together

Under regular conditions, we provide education opportunities in different area, but during the corona crisis we had to undertake completely new tasks. Refugees came to us and asked for help, so we are very glad to be able to support these self-organized teams in Lesvos.
Please consider supporting them and their work with a donation through us.

Moria Corona Awareness Team
Moria White Helmets
Moria Academia

Our Team

We are a small team of Greeks and some other Europeans who work both with refugee self organizations and Greek volunteers to help in various villages and cities on Lesvos island. Without the participation of refugees our work would not be able. So we are a group of Greeks, Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis and Syrians.

from Greece
from Greece
Accountancy and Logistics
from France
Warehouse Manager
from Iran
from Syria
Moria White Helmets Coordinator
from Afghanistan
Moria Corona Awareness Team Coordinator
from Afghanistan
Moria Academia Coordinator
from Greece

Our Partners

We are co-operating with various international partners and we hope to expand this partnership.
We urgently are looking for organizations who can supply food, clothes and learning material.

We are working with the German-Iraqi Asscociation Wadi since two years.

Thanks for help us to improve the condition of people in Moria and outside the camp.

We have been partners with Human-Plus since 2015.

Thanks for help us to improve First Aid courses and educational projects.

Thank you for supporting us in the fight against Corvid19.

Thanks for supporting Moria White Helmets waste management project

Thanks for their support for distribution program.

Thanks for providing us 25 portions at our team members.

Thanks to Montacda Solidària for their great and continous support.

We are grateful for their help and support.

Thanks to support Education Busses.

Thanks for supporting the Education Busses.

Together we launched a new project for a First Aid Training course.

Thank you for supporting activities of MCAT in Moria camp.

Thank you for supporting our activities.

Thanks for supporting our educational projects.

Thanks for their support of our educational programs.