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Our Story

Founded in 2017 by local Greek citizens of Lesvos Island, Stand By Me Lesvos is a different type of Non Profit. With little funds we have created a safe, positive space, where local Greeks, refugees and international team members are all working side by side, just in walking distance from the overcrowded Moria.
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While international NGOs come and go, we live here in Lesvos. Our commitment is for the long term, focusing on three main targets: Education, Empowerment and Integration. We collaborate with Greek locals, Moria camp residents and international team members, because we can only face this situation standing together.
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Lesvos, Europe

In Lesvos we are used to empty promises and we are used to standing alone. With a so-called hotspot, the citizens of this island are used to a lot of suffering and hardship. Now, after Turkey opened their borders, and the island dealing with an increase in violence, it has gone silent again due to Lesvos newest arrival, namely coronavirus. The prospect of any large organization coming to the rescue to assist Lesvos with this looming catastrophe is made evident through five years of neglect. Being used to being left alone, Stand By Me Lesvos started to help by setting up local self-organization groups, both on the side of the refugees and on the side of Greek citizens, because we have to face this corona crisis with the local resources we have standing together.

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Christmas distribution
Merry Xmas to everyone under 18 years in the camp. Yesterday was probably one of the largest one day distribution in the camp since September all done by refugees for ...
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Education and Neutrality
A Statement from Stand by me Lesvos. Stand by me Lesvos considers itself as an organization with the main focus on education. Since 2018 thousands of refugees joined our classes ...
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Distribution progress
After the big fire in Lesvos, we received massive support from Germany and other places too of things to support and distribute to the people; everything from clothes and hygiene ...
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In Greek we have a word: Xenos
It is a word with many meanings: stranger, outsider, friend and guest. The deepest meaning of the word can be understood as guest-friend and is a central part of how Greeks understand hospitality, it is part of how we at Stand By Me Lesvos see refugees, as guests, as friends, as people who maybe in transit, but where there is also a reciprocity, a give and take between the two. Be a part of Stand By Me Lesvos by supporting us.

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26 minutes ago

Stand by me Lesvos

We couldn't just stand and watch how the residents in the camp are freezing. We have few things we could do, but what we could we did. During the last two days we closely cooperated with The Hope Project to make available as much warm cklothes, shwals, socks, blankets and shoes as possible. Yesterday the whole day teams from our partners in the camp, MCAT and Moria White Helmets and Acadamia were packing and sorting them and today they were brought to the camp for distribution through the recycling points.

So today hundreds received warm stuff and we really hope it will help them during the next frosty nights.

We know this does not help much, but at least a little bit. It is no alternative to proper structures, heaters and winter shelters but one cannot sit and watch people suffering like this.

See also this video from MCAT: Winter Clothes Distribution

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News & Press Review

Open letter: Christmas greeting from Moria II | medico.de

Self-organized refugee groups from the new Moria camp address Europe in a Christmas letter. The letter of the medico partner organizations in the wording. “Dear Europeans, dear Mrs von der Leyen We wish you a Merry Christmas from the new refugee camp in Lesvos ...
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/ Corona Virus, Press Review

UNHCR calls for safe solutions to migration after new death off Lesvos| ekathimerini.com

The UNHCR called for a comprehensive response to migration after a woman died after falling out of an inflatable dinghy carrying Somali migrants off the coast of Lesvos on Friday. “For people to stop risking their lives on these dangerous journeys, they need safe and regulated ...
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/ Corona Virus, Latest News

Refugees in Europe’s ‘largest refugee camp’ self-organise coronavirus awareness campaign as cases rise | tremr.com

The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Moria refugee camp in  September , as a 40 year old man from Somalia tested positive for the virus upon return to the camp from Athens. The largest refugee camp in Europe, it is located outside the village ...
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/ Corona Virus, Press Review