Stand By Me Lesvos

Thank you, Elena

When a volunteer leaves, it feels like a member of our family is leaving. This was the same case with Elena, who wrote to us.

“I spent a month volunteering at the camp. From Monday to Friday I went to the camp and did activities with the children. From painting to dribbling, from drawing to jumping rope I found myself in their world. I went so deep, I forgot where I was, but the kids are amazing. With their simplicity they manage to bring you back to the context in which you are when you least expect it.

What impressed me most is knowing that many of them only knew the reality of the camp, knowing that they socialize and can go to school with other children only in certain spaces

However I go away full of hope because I met several people who every day take care and work so that children can live in a safe and suitable space, even in such a complicated context.”

Thank you Elena

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