Stand By Me Lesvos

Patience, creativity and determination

After few days repairs, “the busses”, has reopened its doors as a creative center for children. The Mobile Academy, which provides art education and cultural exchange programs for young refugees, will be among the key initiatives of this new phase. The center is designed to be a safe space where children can express themselves through art and engage with their peers from different cultural backgrounds.

The Mobile Academy is an innovative program that combines artistic expression with social integration. It aims to foster creativity and self-esteem while also promoting tolerance and empathy among the participating students. The curriculum includes workshops on drawing, painting, sculpture, collage-making, and other forms of visual art. In addition to these activities, the Mobile Academy also hosts cultural events such as music performances and film screenings that showcase the diversity of traditions from around the world.

Life is like a puzzle, the pieces may be scattered but with patience, creativity and determination, you can find the solution.

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