Stand By Me Lesvos

Participating at Erasmus Youth Project TOSCA

Stand by me Lesvos, a non-profit organization that supports refugees and asylum seekers, recently participated in the Erasmus Youth Project TOSCA of Solidarity Corps. The project’s aim is to promote social inclusion among young people from different cultures through artistic expression. SBML had the opportunity to present their work and share their experiences with participants from various countries.

During the project, SBML showcased how they have been supporting refugees by providing them with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. They also highlighted their efforts in promoting education and healthcare for refugees. SBML believes that everyone deserves to live a dignified life regardless of their background or status.

Through participation in the TOSCA project, SBML was able to learn from other organizations about best practices for supporting marginalized communities. They were also able to develop new partnerships with like-minded groups across Europe.

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