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Mobile Academy Activities

An organization must be flexible, understand the changes and replan the projects that run depending on the situation and new conditions. This is exactly what we do as Stand by me Lesvos the five years that we work for refugees. What happened at the camp in the last six month? The number of refugees is one thousand three hundred.. Many of them left for the mainland but during summer left less. But the number of new arrivals increased again by about 28% in the last six months . The new arrivals now are more from Africa. The education hub of the camp is working well now. MCAT the Afghanistan team stopped. Our team met community leaders and talked about the new situation and we made decisions for Mobile Academy and how it will work in the next period.

Mobile Academy is a community center where all refugees are welcome. We focus on skills and entertainment. The rules are simple: no violence, respect and creativity. And the leader of the Cameroon community in the camp as new manager of Mobile Academy will work hard to achieve the targets. From the first of August Mobile Academy works again with new philosophy, new manager and staff. Stand by Me Lesvos has long experience but we are not “professional charity”. That means we have jobs for leaving based on volunteers and we’ll help valuables all long they need us. As long people around the world trust us to support them. Stay connected for more details of the running projects.

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