Stand By Me Lesvos

Inclusivity, engagement and dignity

A landmark event for community relations occurred on September 13 and 14 in Mytilene, where local employers and refugee camp residents convened at a job finding fair. This is a milestone event which had 400 refugee participants and 16 employers from a variety of local industries from agricultural to construction. Stand By Me Lesvos has been highlighting the underutilization of the resource that refugee’s pose to Greek society and the economy; as well as the mental health issues that can arise for refugee camp residents when they are not mentally engaged. This event came to fruition through the acknowledgement and recognition that refugees have the right to work in Greece with administrative hindrances.

Stand By Me Lesvos is a proud community supporter of such an event, as it promotes inclusivity, engagement and dignity for all involved in the Lesvos community. Our organization pledges to keep investing in our education programming to allow for more opportunities for refugee camp residents to arise as their specialized knowledge continues to rise.

Painting of local artist Theophilos, Olive Harvest, 1933.

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