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Happy Nowruz

Celebrating the New Year and Nowruz is a historical tradition in Afghanistan that dates back to 6,000 years ago. Nowruz has long been celebrated on the first day of the solar year by the ancient Ariana people, who considered it the day of returning to oneself and the principle of human nature. Celebrating the Nowruz is the resurrection of nature and the coming of spring. The most famous acts of this day are the prayer for the delivery of the year, which is performed individually or collectively, and at the same time as the nature is revived, Muslims ask God to reveal profound changes in their ways of life in various fields. People go to different places of entertainment on this day and celebrate this day by eating various and traditional foods, different fruits ( HAFT MEWA, HAFTSIN). Another tradition of Nowruz is the celebration of farmers and saplings. This custom in Afghanistan is usually an official and governmental ritual, people plant new saplings on this day, and thus wish the New Year a lush and green. On this day, the people of Afghanistan, in addition to performing various ceremonies, fun and joy, worship and pray and visit the graves and pray for their ancestors. Children of Mobile Academy preparing for the celebration with a poster

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