Stand By Me Lesvos

Together we are stronger

Some organizations believe that charity is competition for whom is better, some others want to blame all the others for everything and with that they can survive as the best of them. We choose not to be detectives and for a short time view of charity we keep our eyes at long term targets and for that we choose skills and technical education. Also we hope much more organizations have the same view because the needs are huge in the camp. But the most important thing for us is the cooperation with the organizations who have the same values as us because this is the only way to multiply the results of the projects.

This is the reason we are happy to announce the cooperation of Stand by me Lesvos with Eurorelief to develop a women workshop and a men workshop in different space. Soon we’ll be able to announce more specific projects and activities that we’ll provide together.

The ancient Greeks used to say Power is at union and we follow it.

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