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What true sustainability is

Every morning in Mavrovouni camp, residents recycle 15,000 empty plastic bottles. Only clean bottles are taken to a nearby recycling company, but all bottles are welcome! Those who drop off their recycling receive cold water, food, or other important items, like potatoes, milk, and hygiene products in exchange. Moria Corona Awareness Team members are also teaching young children how to reuse empty bottles, and other recyclables, to reduce waste. And it’s not only within Mavrovouni that residents are living sustainably: collaborating with the Municipality of Mytilini, every Friday they clean other areas, including the old Moria camp, Moria village, and the city of Mytilini. They want to keep everything as clean as they can, but also to work together with their neighbors and the community as much as possible.

Environment is trees that grow fruit sweeter than candy, snow-capped mountains that make your jaw drop when you see them, and vibrant, blue seas that are clear enough to watch fish swimming around. But environment is also the three sisters who bake tsourekia down the street, Mr. Panagiotis who sits in the park every morning, and friends and elders next door. It’s important to care for everyone and everywhere, because that’s what true sustainability is.

At Stand By Me Lesvos, we understand how essential environmental care is to refugees’ self-empowerment. If you wish to support this initiative, please consider making a donation.

Our projects rely on the invaluable help of our donors.

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