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Together against Corona: disinfection training

We managed a disinfection training for our partners from the Moria White Helmets. Now they will be able to disinfect all the tents and public spaces in the camp. This is a very important step, because Corona is again spreading fast. And it is also important they do this as a self organized project from refugees for refugees.But, and please read this carefully: Stand by me Lesvos is a small organization. We try to do whatever is possible, but our resources are limited and we face huge financial problems, since we believe such projects have do be done even with an empty bank account. We don’t like to talk much about ourselves, but in order to enable them, we cut salaries for May and our partners in the camp decided to also cut some of the the small incentives they receive. Therefore this is an urgent call: Please consider helping these emergency projects with your donation. You see can follow day by day on this page and the ones of our partners, how your money is at work: and please share this post widely.

Thanks you in the name of all of us. Let’s continue to #StandingtogetherforLesvos!

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