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The vaccination campaign has started!

As an increasing number of people around the globe are being vaccinated against Covid-19, we are glad to announce that also in the camp the vaccination campaign has started. This will give the residents of the camp the opportunity to protect themselves and each other against the virus. Refugees are specifically at risk, due to the overcrowded living conditions in the camp, the poor sanitary facilities, a lack of water and limited health care available. Moreover, since the Covid-19 virus does not care about borders or fences, the vaccination of refugees will also help to protect the local Greek population and the global spread of the virus as a whole.

Together with our partners in the camp, the Moria Corona Awareness Team, the Moria White Helmets and Moria Academia, we have been actively responding to the new needs arising from the pandemic. With respect to education, we continue to support self-organized schools within the camp, in which social distancing measures have been implemented, and we have set up an online distance learning program, which is freely available for all refugees. In addition, while continuing our regular environmental projects, we have been supporting the Moria Corona Awareness Team in their efforts to spread knowledge about the virus, by distributing informative flyers, as well as masks and hand sanitizers. 

Vaccination campaign in the camp

Last week the Greek authorities launched a large-scale vaccination campaign in the camp, and together with Moria White Helmets, we were asked to assist by bringing camp residents to the vaccination centers and informing people about the benefits of the vaccine. Posters and flyers have been created in four different languages (English, Arabic, Farsi and French), and our partners in the camp are going from tent to tent to provide information, to counter-act fake news and to encourage people to get vaccinated. We are very happy to contribute to this campaign, as we believe that it has the potential to save many lives. As always, our work would not be possible without the collaboration with refugee-led teams within the camp, nor would it be possible without the financial contribution of our donors.

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