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Mobile Academy!

I completed 12 years of experience in volunteering and managing educational structures for adult immigrants and refugees. I viewed the evolution of the situation in all its phases: Pagani, Pikpa, Moria, Kara tepe. All these years, I have put my efforts into providing basic education of adult refugees. Today, I run 7 classes at the camp in Mavrovouni and until November 2021 the Moria Academia team was there. But time brings changes to the conditions; many immigrants have left the camp currently standing at about 2200 immigrants. Many teachers left with them, and time for some renewal has come. The small number of refugees are fleeing many organizations operating in Lesvos. But we are not going anywhere, we consider that 2000 immigrants is not a small number and it is an opportunity to make a shift from quantity to quality for the educational services we provide.

This is how the Mobile Academy team was formed, which has already been installed on the buses that have been converted into classes and from there they have taken their name. The first concern is the repairs, cleaning and renewal of the space. We have already started teacher-training, and soon we will have the new departments to supplement the existing ones.

Our main concern for the restart of our school is the principles and rules that everyone must respect in the operation of the school. These are summarized as follows:

– This is an area of ​​education, consulting and creative employment

– We are multicultural, where all refugees regardless of nationality, gender, colour, religion or any other can register. Everyone is accepted and given the same respect and rights

– A place that is strictly controlled for violence, prohibited substances, harassment, theft, damage, propaganda and proselytizing.

– The administration of the space is done by the Mobile Academy, in matters concerning the safety, registration, cleanliness and operation of the school. In matters of academia and organization of education, Michalis Aivaliotis is responsible, in collaboration with the Second Chance School of Mytilene and the universities of Thessaloniki and Piraeus.

Education is the most important and basic need in a refugee camp.  It must be governed by principles and rules, and it is necessary for it to be supervised by experienced and qualified teachers, for it to be an efficient and meaningful exchange.

Michalis Aivaliotis

Manager Stand by me Lesvos 



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