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Lesvos Academia Seminar: Petrified Forest of Lesvos

This weeks seminar will be held by the Professor Nickolaos Zouros, Director of the Natural History Museum of Lesvos, to discuss The Petrified Forest of Lesvos, a UNESCO protected area at Lesvos. The seminar will be held at zoom starting at 12.00 UTC +2 March 20th. These seminars are hosted by Σ.Δ.Ε. ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΗΣ, Stand By Me Lesvos and Moria Academia. For more information, please connect via
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Located on the island of Lesvos (North Aegean Region), one of the most important natural heritage monuments in the world, the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, is a unique testament to the ecosystem that once existed in the Aegean region during the Miocene Epoch. The forest consists of hundreds of fossilized trunks, standing or downed, coniferous or fruit-bearing, which are scattered over an area of 15,000 hectares in major concentrations within the protected region and at many other sites in the layers of volcanic rocks. To protect and promote the wonders of this ancient forest, the Greek state declared the area a Protected Natural Monument in 1985.

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If you missed our online seminars then you are welcome to watch it on SBML youtube playlist:
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