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Lesvos Academia Seminar: Omid from Moria Corona Awareness Team

This Saturday we will be joined by Omid from Moria Corona Awareness Team. Omid will start by telling us the story of MCAT,
– how they started;
– what 2020 was like for them
– what they do; recycling & food distribution, awareness of covid and environment, cloth distribution.
– why they do what they do.
He will also provide some information on the camp conditions.If you have any questions which you would like Omid to answer, simply write them down in the comment section at event, or ask Omid directly at the livestream.
The livestream will also be recorded and uploaded.These seminars are offered and hosted by Stand By Me Lesvos in partnership with Moria Academia, Moria Media Team and Σ.Δ.Ε. ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΗΣ. The purposes of these events are to create educational awareness around the subjects.Thank you for taking part.

Join us and invite others.

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If you missed our online seminars then you are welcome to watch it on SBML youtube playlist:
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