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Helpful Conversations II: Coping Strategies When Faced With Trauma

The workshop is intended for volunteers and employees to equip them with the knowledge of strategies and mechanisms to better understand what trauma is, and how it may affects persons, plus, some coping strategies. The workshop is free and available to everyone. The aim of this workshop is for each participant to leave with at least one experience of a useful tool to continue building on coping strategies. After a short presentation about working on change when facing trauma (in general) and ongoing trauma, the rest of the workshop will be based on participants themselves testing a few different ways of identifying and expanding existing strengths. Disclaimer: it is optional for the participants to share these experiences with others.

Background/ Stand By Me Lesvos:
As for general coping mechanism for refugees and asylum seekers, we are working together with ‘Helpful Conversations’ to offer a free and online offer of qualified psycho-social support. This is part of the Distance Learning Platform Service that we offer

We invited Helpful Conversations to join us for this week’s online seminar to give us a “trauma-workshop”, which will be useful regardless if you are a volunteer or refugee.

Disclaimer: there will be no recording, and thus, the online event will not be uploaded 

Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 12 PM UTC+03

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Join us and invite others.

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