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Helpful Conversations: Coping Strategies When Faced With Trauma

Helpful Conversations:
The aim of this workshop is for each participant to leave with at least one experience of a useful tool to continue building on personal coping strategies.We will do a short presentation of our ideas about working on change when facing trauma in general and ongoing trauma specifically.The rest of the workshop will be based on participants themselves testing a few different ways of identifying and expanding existing strengths.

Background/ Stand By Me Lesvos:
As for general coping mechanism for refugees and asylum seekers, we are working together with ‘Helpful Conversations’ to offer a free and online offer of qualified psycho-social support. This is part of the Distance Learning Platform Service that we offer

We invited Helpful Conversations to join us for this week’s online seminar to give us a “trauma-workshop”, which will be useful regardless if you are a volunteer or refugee.

Disclaimer: there will be no recording, and thus, the online event will not be uploaded 

Link to Workshop:

Zoom Seminar link →

Join us and invite others.

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If you missed our online seminars then you are welcome to watch it on SBML youtube playlist:
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