Stand By Me Lesvos

Happiness and laughter matter

This week we had clowns The Flying Seagull Project at our Moria Academia buses, inside the camp, and yesterday was their last show. The aim is to allow the children to feel good, feel daft, and feel playful. It’s a structured experience but one that is fun and allows them to forget things. It has also a contagious effect as this joy is going from the children to their families and to the whole community. The reaction of the kids is like those of kids anywhere: the younger kids generally react with surprise and amazement. The clowns try to create something that feels light, and caring, as laughter and happiness matters like food, like water, like warmth, like shelter. Children at the camps are bored and frustrated. Their parents are busy with food lines, cooking and worrying about their papers and so parents don’t have time or energy to keep their kids occupied during the day. Laughter and play are vital to the healthy emotional and psychological wellbeing of all children. Many studies show how important it is for healthy childhood development. It is also an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.​We are waiting The Flying Seagull Project back soon.



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