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Almost 2000 refugees in camp don’t have access to support

This is another important project we just managed together. Refugees Foundation e.V., Support for Refugees on the Run has sent dry food, hygienic articles and other stuff for the 2200 refugees in the camp who don’t have access to support any more, because they are either accepted, but still cannot move forward or completely rejected. Their situation worsened during the last months.

Thanks to the great job of out partners from MCAT we managed a huge distribution today.

This week we start a new challenge: Almost 2000 refugees in camp don’t have access to bank cards, because they are accepted or got second denial. They lack food and support very much. So the Refugee Foundation in Germany and Stand by Lesvos decided to support them in cooperation with us. Our team collected all their names and now distribute tickets. Tomorrow they can come to recycling point to pick up food bags with many items. With the same system we managed to give clothes and other much needed stuff to ALL residents in camp and we can manage many more of these projects. We are happy we can do and show again this project is completely managed by refugees in camp and now also more and more organizations and people abroad see this is a system and we can manage and they trust us.

– Moria Corona Awareness Team

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