Stand By Me Lesvos

Wash-stations at the entrance of Moria camp

It is done. One week ago the idea came up and Starfish Foundation, MCAT and we started to discuss it. One week! This time we all were faster than Corona!

Can you imagine: they can wash their hands. What should be the most normal thing in a refugee camp where you should be protected is becoming reality now. It should have been like this from the start.

Today there are also extremely bad news from Lesvos: the daughter of the 76 year old woman who dies after being tested positive, has also Corona. She is a nurse and had a lot of contacts. Two medical centers she worked in need to be closed down.

But we have also some good news: now we got the license from the Municipality and camp management to enter and to transport trash from the camp three times a week.
This is a very big step forward.

These projects like all our activities costs money. We just started without any financial backup, so it’s up to you to help us to continue: support-us

Photos by MCAT Muhannad Al-Mandeel



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