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Update: twelve days after the fire

Dear Supporters, our accountant has just finished the preliminary overview about the expenses we had during the twelve days emergency intervention after Moria camp burned down. According to her information we have spent about 16.500 Euro for everything we did including running and admin costs.

We started on Wednesday morning the 9th and stopped distribution and related activities outside the new camp after having helped to transfer a lot of vulnerable refugees by bus.

As we have said in the beginning of the operation, we took care of 500 refugees, all the members of our partner teams and their families. This included the Moria White Helmets, the Moria Corona Awareness Team, the Moria Academia and security teams.

We supplied all of them with tents, blankets, clothes, hygienic articles and later food and non food items. We also supplied lot’s of power banks, masks, women’s underwear, diapers for children and many more items.

In that period we printed new Corona Awareness posters and our partners put them, offered first aid and last but not least took care about abandoned animals in the old camp.

The White Helmets helped to clean the area around Moria and Lidl market in co-operation with the municipality.

The media groups of our teams kept informing about the situation on the ground and all of us had many more smaller interventions to help keeping the situation calm and avoid chaos and violence.

We took care about ca. 4% of the overall former Moria resident population of appx 12.500 people. This means if the same services would have been given to all refugees from Moria it would have cost a bit more than 400.000 Euro.

We don’t want to say our services were sufficient and we could have done much better, but this might give an idea how much you can do with limited amounts of money here in Lesvos.

We did although distribute some food and non food item we had still in kind like juice, hygienic articles, some blankets etc. thanks to the generous previous shipments we received from Human plus, Human Aid Collective, Heimatstern and some private donors.

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