Stand By Me Lesvos

The threat of Coronavirus is not at all over

Busy days in our office. Sewing machines and clothes arrived from Germany to be distributed to mask factories both in the camp and to our Greek partners. Then the new information material about Corvid -19, in four languages, arrived from the printing shop and sent to Moria camp.

And last but not least the new registration cards for the new school, the Moria Academia that will open next week also finally arrived. And the self sewn badges too.

Now restrictions in Greece are slowly eased. We were all quite lucky until now, because only few cases occurred, only one dead had to be mourned and Lesvos as well also Chios and Samos were saved. Now it’s a new period and many more NGOs came to work and help. Hopefully with success. We will continue to support our wonderful partners in the camp and keep doing everything we can against Corona because we still have to be careful. We are worried that after the Corona protection measures are lifted many people might think they are safe now. But the opposite is true, especially in Moria camp.

“After yesterday’s success of explaining and handing out information of the next step of coronavirus, we now request additional 1500 more Farsi/Arabic flyers so that everyone in Moria will receive information of what to do if they receive symptoms of coronavirus in their own language. Everyone must know so that we can help one another be safe.
We fear that Moria will once again be vulnerable with many journalists and volunteer people coming.
Please everyone who do not live in Moria, be mindful of us and our situation before you come.
This is where we live and how we live. We do not have benefit of social distance and other things, and our tents are getting warm in these hot summer days!
Evacuation and transfer will happen for some of us, but many still have to stay here.
If coronavirus comes then where will we go?

So please everyone planning to come you must do your quarantine.
Moria is still coronafree so please help us keep coronafree. “

Moria Corona Awareness Team

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