Stand By Me Lesvos

Our Message: Standing together in Lesvos

Today  we, refugees from various countries, Greek citizens and international volunteers working for Stand by me Lesvos gathered in front of the closed gate of our Acadamia school near Moria Camp to our message out once again:

“Standing together in Lesvos”

We already announced during our solidarity strike:

The situation on Lesvos is at breaking point.  The horrendous conditions in the camp are untenable and inhumane. 

We fully support the demands of camp residents for safety and security, medical care, and access to education for their children, and also the demands of the local citizens who are calling on their government to find a long-term solution.

We call on the European Union and all European governments to intervene and find a humane solution to fulfil the demands of the refugees and local citizens.

Even if the school is closed and we are in a difficult situation we don’t give up. Together, Greeks, refugees and international volunteers we believe in a shared future of local Greeks and refugees on the island. We believe people living here are able to find solutions as we did, when opening this school two years ago.

We are very glad this message is slowly heard internationally after years and years local residents and refugees were almost left alone here. Lot’s of articles were published during the last weeks with the same urgent message.

For years, local organisations, public officials, NGOs, and the people of Lesvos have made huge efforts to take responsibility for conditions on the island. When their efforts have been given space to thrive, promising results have followed. (…) For five years, the asylum seeker and host communities in Lesvos have each met difficulty with dignity. It is long past time that Europe’s migration policies empower them, rather than overlook them – asylum seekers and Europeans alike.

Please spread this message wherever you are – we will in the meantime continue to face whatever hardships come our way

There is either a shared future of mutual understanding and co-operation, or dark times are waiting ahead.

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