Stand By Me Lesvos

Standing Together for Lesvos during the Refugee Crisis and COVID 19

Stand by me Lesvos worry and have the same problems with local community because Stand by me Lesvos is part of the local community. We were born, grew up, work and have families here and it’s not possible to move to somewhere else if something goes very bad. This is the reason we care so much for the people of the next door because they suffer as much as we do.

The local community already had a lot of problems with the economy because of olive production problems, a decrease in tourism, the crisis of refugees, and an increase in crime. It is a humanitarian crisis to see people suffer near to you, and now the problem of Coronavirus.

People of Lesvos screams are more than enough. We can’t deal with all of the problems on our own and we need help. Europe must Stand by Lesvos.

We are the only NGO that has a project with a name that supports locals. We collect information on local needs and try to cover as much as we can. The most important for us is this support not to be a political tool. For that reason, we cooperate with both the people and the municipalities of the island to find the most important needs.

Some of the action of Support Locals project are:
Monthly supermarket buy food and at Mytilini, they distribute as it and at Kalloni cooked and distribute as ready meal by 2 organizations EYPOIO and SITIZO.
Monthly support of two local clubs of local volunteers for sewing masks. The first is women from the hospital who saw for the needs of the hospital and the second women from Agiasos. 
We support the Fire Department and volunteer firefighting teams with materials, tools, and equipment.
We bought a machine for a patient who had larynx surgery so he can hear his voice.
We paid the electric bill of the Association of Patients with Sclerosis
Since the beginning of the Coronavirus threat in Lesvos, we have distributed more of 800 face shields that we had from donations or produced ourselves from our 3D printer.   
We plan to expand our cleaning and recycling programs also for the Mytilini town not only around Moria. 
Local sports clubs borrow our van for their transporting row team or improve their facilities, motocross club, and volley club.
We bought a Roma family a generator which is very important to power the critical medical support machine.

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