Stand By Me Lesvos

So many things to take care of.

Overcrowded Moria has experienced a rise in violence with the lockdown. This led to a peaceful demonstration. Also another fire in the camp destroyed three tents.

Meanwhile all our activities go on. Stand by me now turned into a small logistical center. Every day a lot of items go to so many recipients: food packages to needy Greeks, masks to the hospital, food to the volunteers in the camp.

Supply from European partners arrives and is distributed too and more requests are coming in. Then we have to co-ordinate with shops in Leros to supply the team there. The telephones don’t stop ringing.

This is some supply the Moria camp management asked for: stationary, gloves, disinfection. And new power banks for the MCAT team, because electric supply in the camp is bad and their telephones are also ringing all the time.

The lockdown is a big problem for everyone in Greece that just recovered after the huge crisis of 2012. Now many shops and factories are closed, no tourists at all come any more and especially the poor are hit hard. In co-operation with the two municipalities here every we week we enable distribution of food and support to poor and vulnerable persons in the the island.

More trash management in a new area of the so called Jungle. Wednesday a new collection point was installed and after the inhabitants received bags they started immediately cleaning up. A lot of volunteers joined the Trash management to finally clean their place after weeks of garbage that piled up, because it was not taken. Day by day these areas of the camp get cleaner. On Friday third and fourth Hand Washing Station opened for anyone entering Moria camp. This is a great project implemented by Starfish in cooperation with MCAT and us.

#StandingtogetherforLesvos and Leros
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Photos by MCAT / White Helmets and Leros Team.



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