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Response after the fire in Moria

We would like to do a thank you post because we are very grateful for all of the donations that we have received in the time after the fire.
Thank you for the financial support from Embla Bunader, Tilrettelagt Omsorg og Plastfritt Hav from Norway, and thank you for the material support from our German friends Aktion pro Humanität, among many more.

Thank you on behalf of ourselves and our partner teams, Moria Corona Awareness Team, Moria White Helmets and Moria Academia.

Response after the fire in Moria:
  • We provided daily emergency relief to 500-700 people
  • We cleaned the rubbish from the roads, olive groves, and camp. Keeping Lesvos Clean is a priority
  • We provided buses for people from Team Humanity to the “new camp” in a dignified way.
  • We provided basic first aid to people who were on the road in a time when it was difficult for medical actors to enter the area. 
  • We took the initiative to take care of and feed abandoned pets in Moria.

We are now able to revive some of our projects that were ongoing in Moria before the fire.

Recycling and Waste Removal:
Access to clean water and waste removal is still a problem, so we have continued the recycling project (the exchange of empty plastic bottles for cold water and/or other things). Last weekend our local partner company set up two distribution points at the new camp.

Corona Awareness:
We have continued the corona-awareness work inside the new camp and also in the temporary areas where people were staying on the roads. It is still a very real risk for this community.

With Coronavirus and our old Academia building burning down, we have had to improvise. Education is so important, so we have implemented an online learning platform that is free for all refugees. The platform includes:

  • Language lessons for small groups
  • Lawyer, Medical, Psychological personal consulting from European specialists
  • Technical and Math skills for small groups

 Our partners are Moria Academia are also holding outdoor art classes for children. As we promised we started again with some activities for children. 

Lesvos Community:
We have continued distributing food to poor and vulnerable citizens of Lesvos in the Kalloni area.

Leros Refugee Youth Group:
We continue to support the Leros Refugee Youth Group with informal education and activity for children in addition to corona-awareness as COVID-19 numbers are rising in Leros island too.

New Projects:

Transportation to Mytilini:
We are now are able to provide free bus rides from camp and back. Every hour the bus is operating this week between Mytilini and the new camp. This project is enabled by us and a local bus company. If it proves successful and we find anyone sharing the costs we would like to continue it.

Pet Project:
Far more than fifty cats are now the new guests of our former school place near Moria. The Lyceum became their new home. They are in good hands. Two members of the former team who took care of the building go there to feed them while a vet comes twice a week.

Distribution of Goods:
The humans of Moria had so little, which was taken from them during the fire. Thankful for our donors who have provided us with various goods for distribution. Our partners have been distributing these goods in a calm and logistical manner to the residents of the new camp. 

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