Stand By Me Lesvos

Our latest activities and co-operations
Beach Cleaning

Every year before summer season the volunteers department of the Municipality calls for Volunteers to help cleaning the beaches. We support this call and some refugees we work with since a long time were very eager to help. So Greeks and refugees together did this job to keep Mytilini clean.

Education Partners

Very glad young students received the books and pens and other material from us. It’s one of our self organized partner tent schools in Moria camp, managed by teachers who believe in the importance of education. We are still busy setting up the new Moria Academy near the camp and, in the meanwhile, we encourage these small tent schools and supply them.

Moria Toilets

This is also Lesvos! Some time ago Moria Camp management asked us if we can help fast to fix some bathrooms inside the camp after a fire. We agreed and contracted a plumber. We asked him to take some pictures and we received about 50 paper photos. We share some of them to show what a good job they have done. But of course such interventions do not change the overall problem: there is simply not enough water in the camp and the few sanitary blocks are in a terrible condition.

Helping poor and vulnerable people

We helped to supply a Roma family with a generator who needs electricity for a chronically sick family. As every week we also enabled food distribution for poor and vulnerable Greeks in co-operation with the Major for Volunteering, this is done with the support of SI Organization from Germany. We also organized a masks distribution to the bus company.

Co-operation with Mytilini Fire Brigade

We are glad to have started a co-operation with the Fire Brigade of Mytilini. We supplied them with some much needed equipment and helped them to build a small shelter for their staff near Moria. Very shortly they will start with fire protection training for refugees in the camp. We are planning lots of other ways to co-operate.

Two weeks ago the municipality of Mytilini invited representatives of schools and activists who are active during the Corona Crisis. Also Mixalis Avialotis, director of School of Second Chance in Mytilini and of Stand by me Lesvos, participated and delivered both medical- and cloth masks made by refugees and Greek volunteers. They will be distributed to medical staff and schools after the reopening. article

Leros Island

Last but not least, with our support a group of refugees in Leros island managed some Eid celebrations for the children in the camp there. We also want to wish an Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates it.

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