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New Stage for Bottle Recycling Project

On Monday the bottle recycling project finally went into a new stage.
Now the partners from Moria Corona Awareness Team have three different location to collect bottles and give on one ticket for each ten. Then later everyone can exchange these tickets into bottles of cold water.

In the new places the teams are now starting with small education project, games and workshops especially for children. One aim is upcycling plastic bottles another to learn about waste management and protection of environment.

The children in the camp, who have anyhow not much to do loved it and stormed the activities.

This project has many different aims, but still it is amazing that every day now 15.000 empty bottles go to a recycling plant and 1500 bottles of fresh cold water are distributed.

It is a huge logistical challenge and the MCAT team is doing a very hard work every day to manage it.

Additionally this is made possible thanks to the great cooperation with the local Greek company Agritellis that is implementing this project and thanks to Diakonia Austria, the German Kindernothilfe and all others who support it.

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10 hours ago

Stand by me Lesvos

Far more than fifty cats are now the new guests of our former school place near Moria: The Lyceum became their place.

They are in good hands, two members of the former team who took care about the building moved there to feed them while a vet comes twice a week.

And here Raid from Moria White Helmets pays them a visit.
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