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Moria Corona Awareness Team goes on

Greek supermarkets are considered problem places. So the Moria Corona Awareness Team and we start organizing a system to manage Lidl in Mytilini. Every day volunteers will help the supermarket the way refugees go shopping. Today the Afghan committee is responsible. 

Camp supermarket called and asked if they can get help too. Half hour later system is set up. Five in five out and waiting in line.

The local Stonisi media reported again about the campaign http://bit.ly/stonisi-post-7675 and a lot of international media called the Moria Corona AwarenesTeam (MCAT).

But the most important thing has been the reaction of local people. They were very thankful and some did not believe their eye: Refugees who voluntarily help managing Corona Rules in Supermarkets and roads?

And soon the new rules were respected in close co-operation with local security. The camp supermarket is also better organized and it works.

The town council in Moria village asked us to help the management of village main street which leads to Lidl. Team 2 is up to do that.

White badges are Arab volunteers, blue Afghan.

And today is just day one. Soon more Corona Adviser will start for buses and public places. Today was a start.

We all would be happy, but unfortunately a fire broke out in the camp and people burnt.



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