Stand By Me Lesvos

Moria Camp in Lesvos is absolute chaos |

Since the beginning of March, Thomas has been on the Greek island of Lesvos, in the refugee camp Moria. There, he has been supporting a local initiative called Stand By Me Lesvos.

Daniel: Hello Thomas! It is really nice that you have found time to speak with me. I have heard that Greece came through the COVID-19 pandemics pretty well. Is that true?

Thomas: The Greeks handled it much better than expected. It is an extremely poor country, still suffering the consequences of the 2012 crisis. Then, there is this crazy situation with the “hotspots“. An island like Lesvos with its own population of 100,000 pople and 24,000 refugees was absolutely unequipped to face the coronavirus crisis. There are 6 quarantine beds on the whole island. If the coronavirus seriously had spread, it would have been a disaster.


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