Stand By Me Lesvos

It is again a race against time

Local media just announced another case of Corona in Mytilini. It is again a race against time and now wearing masks became obligatory, but we don’t have enough. So we started again with another mask factory in Moria camp.

And in the schools we support within the Moria Academia network teachers are very much focusing on social distancing and other hygiene rules to raise awareness.

No one knows what will happen if the virus comes to the camp, we all only know it will be a nightmare.

We fight and as always we see: we are alone. At least in March and April our dire situation was covered in international media. Now it seems no one is even interested any more.

But we in Lesvos are used to the feeling to be alone and to have only few friends. The more thankful we are about their support and ask you again to not forget us: support us

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