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Hopes and Wishes from a self organized school in Moria camp

The teacher of a self-organized school, inside Moria camp, wrote a letter to us about her hopes: “I hope that all of refugees get to their destination and we can go somewhere that they don’t look at us as a refugee and we can have a simple and calm life like the rest of people on the world. And I hope that I continue my work on another country. And I hope that all children of the world can educate in peace”.

Children make up about 40% of the population in Moria Camp. That’s almost one person in two. Some children are with family members, some are alone, but all of them have hopes. We should listen to them. What are their wishes?

Here are some of their replies. Thanks teacher N. for collecting these artistic explanations.

1. “I wish to have a good life, to study and to become a good doctor. To have a bicycle, to receive our tickets and to have a good life” – Yasna
2. “I’d like to buy a bicycle. I’d like to buy a tablet” – Ali
3. Girl at the ophthalmologist – Parasto

4. “I’d like my little brother to be right now… In Germany, but he isn’t. [I’d like] to be in a good house.
Also I have another hope, to study my lessons.” – Zeynab
5. Evacuation – Yaser

6. “Hopes of an 8 years old girl, I wish all patients would cure, and all muslims could gain their hopes, this Coronavirus will run away. Amen! I love you my dear teacher M=me N=teacher” – Mohaddeseh
7. “Hopes of a 9 years old girl. God, I want the problems of all Muslims to be solved. I love you my dear teacher.” – Zahra

8. “I wish I could travel from this Moria camp” – Sayyed
9. “I wish that we could reach our destination, it would be a nice place” – Hadis

10. House, stars, fishes – Azita
11. House, flowers, sun – Fatemah
12. “God willing [insh’allah] in Germany” – Danyal
13. House with lady – Bahar
14. House and boat – Ali

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