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Greek Corona Information Resource Page

Starting to produce videos about Corona awareness in cooperation with the School of Second Chance in Mytilini.

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corona virus greek information page

But first the most important message: We are all equal. Also for Corona.

The virus does not ask where are you from, about the color of your skin or your beliefs. In order to manage this crisis together on our island we should all stand together.

So here our message in Greek:


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25 minutes ago

Stand by me Lesvos
Beside all the educational program we support one of the main focus is to help with waste management and recycling projects inside the camp. Every day about 15.000 empty bottles are collected by our partners Moria Corona Awareness Team while the Moria White Helmets keep beaches and the camp clean. This has an enormous impact on how the whole place is looking now and is all done fully self organized by the camp residents themselves.We want to thank everyone, who is making this possible with support and donations. ... .See Less
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