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Fire in Samos: help on the way

Last night big parts of Samos camp burned down. As far as we know from our partners there no one was killed or severly injured but once more thousands are homeless. We know this situation from Lesvos and we know urgent help is needed now. We have our local partners there Just Action and Samos Academia we trust and who are doing great work.

In a crisis there is not much time for talking, but doing. This what we believe in. The first package for Samos emergency is done and will leave. This is what we could manage in our warehouse thanks to all the stuff we received from Germany to help after the Lesvos fire:

1.160 blankets

2. 96 sleeping bags

3. 96 sleeping bags

4. 90 tents

5. 70 tents

6. Food + hygiene : 280 packs of ready to cook rice, 50 bottles of oil, 25 kg of pasta, 100 shampoo, 200 soaps bars, 100 tooth paste, 100 tooth brushes, 50 packs of sanitary pads, 24 packs of wet wipes.

This will be shipped now to our partners from Just Action:
And it should only be the beginning.

Please consider support the people in Samos, both refugees and local Greeks who recently were hit by an earthquake! You see as always we are fast, we have very good partners on the ground and we can act:

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