Stand By Me Lesvos

Distribution progress

After the big fire in Lesvos, we received massive support from Germany and other places too of things to support and distribute to the people; everything from clothes and hygiene items, to food, to sleeping bags and tents.

Then we found out that so many other organizations had also made calls for support and had received clothes, hygiene, sleeping bags and tents too. Because of this internal lack of communication and mismanagement between organizations, then the island Lesvos ended up with thousands of sleeping bags, tents and hundreds of kilos of clothes which were simply not needed here.

At first these items were distributed to our teams as emergency supply in the most critical phase when seemingly everyone lacked everything. We have however chosen to continue this type of support for our teams also after they moved into the temporary camp and this project has continued on a daily basis until today.
This support is also being distributed through the MCAT recycling project, where cold water was a need and a good exchange during the summer, MCAT now fills other needs in the camp by distributing things such as hygiene items and food in exchange for empty bottles.

We also got in touch with other places to find new homes for the things that we did not need, since we knew they could be useful elsewhere:

One shipment of items were donated to a Greek village on Lesvos together with items which would be brought to Zimbabwe through a church.

Another shipment consisting of disinfectant were delivered to schools and the hospital on Lesvos, and we were also able to provide the Norwegian Medical Emergency Response Team with diapers, multivitamins and disinfectant too. Alongside medical supplies such as wound bandages, multivitamins and diabetes kits for medical NGOs such as Kitrinos Healthcare.

Following this, some more pallets were prepared to be sent to the camp on Leros island through Leros Refugee Youth Group, also to the NGO Quick Response Team in Diavata Camp on mainland too, since we heard they received many new arrivals and were therefore lacking in things like this.

We have also sent three shipments of support to Samos to Samos Academia and the local NGO Just Action; shortly after we had sent the first general support shipment, the earthquake happened and many local Greeks became homeless and were in need. So in response to the earthquake we sent another shipment of support to Samos, and then just a short time after that, the big fire in Samos camp happened, and off we sent the third shipment of support, this time for homeless asylum-seekers and an increase of homeless Greeks too from the earthquake.

In the end, all of the items we received were put into good use and we are really grateful for all the support we received so here is to mention only some of the organizations which we should give thanks for the support:

– Human Plus e.V.
– Templer Komturei Regensburg
– Hamburger Hilfskonvoi
– Hanseatic Help e.V.
– Cityofhope Cologne e.V.
– Daniel Kubirski/Heidelberg-hilft
– Seebrücke
– Willkommen in Nippes
– Flüchtlingshilfe Erding e.V.
– Heimatstern e.V.
– Chancengleichheit in Europa e.V.
– Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.
– Tino de Vries
– Henneveld Office
– Montessori Schule Wiesbaden
– Päm Päm Berlin
– Liebe im Karton



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