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Creation of Corona Awareness Team in Moria Camp

Today we helped to set up the Corona Awareness Team in Moria Camp in cooperation with our partner Waves of Hope.

Until now very few awareness was raised in the camp and now refugees take this in their hands. The team consists of Farsi, Arab, French, Somali and Dari speakers and teachers, pharmacists, and community leaders manage it.

We already bought o first megaphone to inform camp residents in different languages and started to write posters with basic hygienic information.

In the next days we will help them setting up Corona emergency spots inside the camp and improve the co-operation and supply. But the most important step is done.

In the meanwhile the Greek organization Katrinos and others set up the medical emergency teams and we will all co-operate between the two teams.

Now both Greek citizens in Mytilini and refugees are self-organized and hopefully together and with European solidarity we can face the crisis.

We are all now standing together for Lesvos and the people who are living here. Corona does not ask where are you from. We are all equal.

But we need your support more urgent than ever. 


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18 hours ago

Stand by me Lesvos

Tonight temperatures should again go down to 0 degrees for tomorrow maximum 4 degrees.

And all the residents in the camp have to face this without heaters and many in summer tents.
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